Fitt-in – moving primary schools across London

Fitt-in – moving primary schools across London
Previous winner of the Sport Technology Innovation Fund, Fitt-in, launch during National School Sport Week, helping primary schools across London and the UK get active

National School Sport Week is a celebration of everything that is great about PE and school sport and Fitt-in is one of the organisations helping London’s schools to be more physically active. Since securing one of the Sport Tech Innovation Fund grants from the Mayor of London and London Sport in 2016, Fitt-in was able to take an idea, develop and test it. This week, Fitt-in has officially launched, providing free trials for schools to support whole school cultural change.

About Fitt-in
Fitt-in provides short videos developed for primary schools to get pupils moving, with easy to follow on-screen visuals that are easy for pupils to engage with, simple, safe and tailored to the classroom.
“The high energy level is fantastic, as it keeps you energised and helps you wake up.” Year 4 student
“The calm level makes your stress go away.” Year 4 student
“Different energy levels and length of videos made it accessible for all. Good use of ‘real-life’ people performing the moves showed that this is something for all. Works well as an incentive towards work. My most disengaged pupil really enjoys this and is always keen to take part.” Year five Teacher

How does Fitt-in work?
Primary schools anywhere in the country can access video routines from the classroom through an annual licence purchase. Before buying, primary schools can test out the product using a free trial by visiting www.fitt-in.co.uk.
With either option, the school gains access to 3-6 minutes of Fitt-in videos and can use them as often as they like. Buying the licence offers full access to the video library, as well as data reports that show how frequently pupils are active in a given timeframe.

Fitt-in can support schools with their Healthy Schools Award, as well as providing reports to support Ofsted assessments and help schools to change the school culture to ensure pupils move regularly throughout the day.

Fitt-in creator, Anita Yiannoullou, said: “We aim to have a Fitt-in community of more than 500 primary schools across the UK by the end of this year, with plans for the next stage of Fitt-in already underway based on schools usage and feedback. I hope more primary schools will join us in our journey to instil good movement habits for all pupils.”

London Sport’s Specialist Advisor – Technology for Participation, said: “Fitt-in is an example of how London Sport and Mayor of London have helped a sport technology concept go from an idea right through to a public product. We wish Fitt-in all the success of helping more primary school pupils in London and beyond to be more physically active.”

Find out more about Fitt-in and start your free trial today at www.fitt-in.co.uk.

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