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Teach physical education everyday because it boosts the brain, say scientists

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/11/24/teach-physical-education-everyday-boosts-brain-say-scienitsts/ Physical education should be taught every day at school because exercise boosts brain size and improves academic performance, a study has shown for the first time. Researchers from the University of Granada found that youngsters who took part in exercise for at least three nights a week had more grey matter in areas of the brain […]

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Lack of exercise puts one in four people at risk, WHO says

By Alex Therrien Health reporter, BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-45408017 Thinkstock The transition towards more sedentary jobs in wealthier countries is likely to be making people less active, experts say Very little progress has been made in reducing levels of inactivity worldwide, experts have warned. A WHO report estimates that more than a quarter of people worldwide […]

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Sitting down in class limits academic performance and negatively impacts on children’s health

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/exercise-physical-activity-headteachers-naht-children-obesity-a8336586.html Children should do exercise in maths and English lessons to help them learn better, headteachers are to  be told.   Taking part in physical activity in class can help young people to retain facts and boost their academic results, according to Bryn Llewellyn, a former school leader from Yorkshire. School leaders will debate a motion calling for “physically active […]

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Scottish Primary Pupils & their daily mile

Does running a mile a day really improve children’s lives? The Scottish school that asked primary pupils to do 15 minutes of exercise every day started a global trend – and research suggests it really is transforming lives Linda GeddesLast modified on Mon 21 May 2018 12.05 BST It was an 80-year-old volunteer who prompted Elaine […]

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Short bursts of exercise equally beneficial

Short bursts of exercise equally beneficial as concentrated regular activity finds research Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, Busy urban lives mean little time for regular physical activity and exercise. A new study has found that short bursts of exercise, if they add up to the total required exercise during the week, can reduce the risk of […]

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Teach Primary & Bett show

Check out Fitt-in on the Teach Primary website https://www.teachprimary.com/hot_products/view/3-6-minute-video-routines-for-primary-school-pupils The Fitt-in team will also be at the Bett show on Wednesday 24 January at Excel london. Email anita@fitt-in.co.uk to arrange a meeting      

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