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Exercise in class & its positive impact on learning

Article by Dave Speck, TES – October 2019 Incorporating basic physical exercise into lessons had “a large, significant effect” on educational outcomes during the lesson, as well as a smaller effect on overall educational outcomes, according to the study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. https://www.tes.com/news/jumping-and-running-class-boosts-attainment      

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Sport & Physical Activity must be enjoyable

Enjoyment is the single biggest factor in motivating children to be active, new analysis from Sport England’s Active Lives Children and Young People Survey has revealed. Published March 2019. More than 130,000 children and young people were surveyed in the academic year 2017/18, For the full report click on the link below: https://www.sportengland.org/news-and-features/news/2019/march/21/latest-insights-from-active-lives-children-and-young-people-survey-revealed/    

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Fitt-in Healthy Schools Award resource

Healthy Schools Award London Our team works with a number of strategic partners to engage with and sustain people of all ages and abilities in physical activity.  For over over 15 years we have delivered face to face physical activity every day and have been recognised for our innovative class formats and inclusion classes.  We […]

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Teach physical education everyday because it boosts the brain, say scientists

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/11/24/teach-physical-education-everyday-boosts-brain-say-scienitsts/ Physical education should be taught every day at school because exercise boosts brain size and improves academic performance, a study has shown for the first time. Researchers from the University of Granada found that youngsters who took part in exercise for at least three nights a week had more grey matter in areas of the brain […]

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Sitting down in class limits academic performance and negatively impacts on children’s health

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/exercise-physical-activity-headteachers-naht-children-obesity-a8336586.html Children should do exercise in maths and English lessons to help them learn better, headteachers are to  be told.   Taking part in physical activity in class can help young people to retain facts and boost their academic results, according to Bryn Llewellyn, a former school leader from Yorkshire. School leaders will debate a motion calling for “physically active […]

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Teach Primary & Bett show

Check out Fitt-in on the Teach Primary website https://www.teachprimary.com/hot_products/view/3-6-minute-video-routines-for-primary-school-pupils The Fitt-in team will also be at the Bett show on Wednesday 24 January at Excel london. Email anita@fitt-in.co.uk to arrange a meeting      

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