Movement breaks for the classroom

Purchase your Fitt-in licence


1 Year School Subscription to Fitt-In classroom videos

12 months subscription
Total: £500


For your annual subscription you will receive…

  • Access to the Fitt-in videos for all your school’s teachers
  • Unlimited usage to Fitt-in videos
  • Automated weekly report highlighting additional activity levels
  • Access to support from the Fitt-in team with enquires, e-materials, certificates
  • New Fitt-in video releases throughout the year

In addition, you can have access to professional instructors, with many years of inclusive fitness training, who can come along to your school and support any incentive or reward initiative. Click here to see the impact Fitt-In can make!


Multiple Subscription Discount:

Where a local authority or multi academy chain wishes to purchase for a number of their primary schools, then contact the Fitt-in team on info@fitt-in.co.uk

Use your ring fenced PE & sport premium to purchase Fitt-in. For information on this premium click here