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Movement breaks for the classroom

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Company Information

A little bit about us

Fitt-in was created back in 2010. It is a product/service and website wholly owned by Sanjuro Training
Systems Ltd. A private limited company registered in the UK (04853259).

Sanjuro’s Chief Instructor has worked within physical education since 1999 (the company was incorporated a
few years later). As an organisation we have successfully worked with clients varying from Leisure chains,
Community Groups, Local Authorities, London Sport, Sport England as well as Primary and Secondary schools
and colleges.

Our Martial Arts background ensures that we deliver a wide variety of physical activity provision that engages
both mind and body. Our philosophy of keeping everything we do accessible has led to pioneering teaching
methods and innovative class formats and products. We work with people of all ages and abilities and our
customer centered approach has resulted in very long term relationships with many of our clients.
In addition to the mainstream physical activity provision we delivered, teachers began to ask for additional
“bite-size” class formats to help students wake-up in the mornings or help them to prepare their minds for tests / exams.

We recognised that this could be done more cost effectively for the school and looked to technology to
deliver some of our class formats. Since 2012 we have been testing the Fitt-in product in London schools and
have had excellent feedback from our test schools and pupils. 2017 sees the launch of Fitt-in to the UK.

Fitt-in was recognised in November 2016 by London Sport as a Sport Technology Innovation winner.