Movement breaks for the classroom

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What is Fitt-in?

Short videos developed for primary schools that get pupils moving with easy to follow on screen visuals that instantly engage them. It’s simple, safe and tailored to the classroom for inclusive participation.

Helping to support whole school cultural change

Whether your school wants to achieve a Healthy Schools Award, reduce the sedentary time of pupils, or to instil good movement habits, Fitt-in offers a cost effective and simple solution. Purchasing an annual subscription, anytime of the year, allows your school unlimited access to Fitt-in videos. New videos are regularly added to the video catalogue based on usage and feedback from Fitt-in subscribers.

How does Fitt-in work?

Primary schools purchase an annual subscription to gain access to videos. Teachers easily access the videos via their school email address.

As well as refocusing students so that they are ready to learn, regular use of Fitt-in can help to support physical literacy and improve pupils balance, co-ordination and increase confidence.

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How Does It Work?

Short movement videos for primary pupils

3-6 mins routines give teachers the flexibility to include them into their daily class plans. A teacher can choose from calming to high energy movement breaks that can settle pupils ready for the day’s learning or re-charge pupil energy after a challenging lesson in the classroom.

How much will Fitt-in cost?

A primary school’s annual Fitt-in subscription* is £500. The videos are easily accessed via each teacher’s login with no limit on the number of times videos can be played.

Fitt-in can support a culture of movement in your classrooms. This is achieved by using relatable instructors, inclusive choreography, easy to follow on screen visuals and music that keeps pupils engaged. Helping less confident pupils get involved with whole group movement as everyone focuses on the screen and not each other.

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Up-to-Date Statistics

In addition to allowing every teacher in your school unlimited access to the Fitt-in videos your Fitt-in co-ordinator will receive an automated weekly Fitt-in usage report that lets you know how many additional minutes of activity is undertaken at your school.

School’s with a Fitt-in licence can also access support to promote and inspire teachers and pupils throughout the year with both e-material and school visits**

Schools can purchase a 12 month subscription any time of the year.

*A reduced fee applies for those academies and Local Authorities that wish to purchase multiple subscriptions for schools. Please contact info@fitt-in.co.uk for further information or call a member of the team.

**school visits have an additional cost to cover travel and instructor time for more information email or call the Fitt-in team