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Frequently asked questions 

Q - What is Fitt-in?

A - Fitt-in offers short online movement videos for the primary classroom

Q - How were the Fitt-in videos developed?

A - We developed the videos after teachers and pupils asked us to give them a way of accessing instant movement breaks for when they needed them throughout the day 

Q - Why choose to have Fitt-in at our school?

A - Choreography has been developed based on years of coaching experience and extensive testing in school classrooms.  Every video uses music, movement, on screen animation & adapted movement so pupils can safely take part in the classroom

Q - How easy is it to get Fitt-in in my school?

A - The school notifies Fitt-in that they would like to purchase a Fitt-in subscription and we send the school's unique Fitt-in link. It's that quick and easy

Q- How do teachers use Fitt-in in the Classroom?

A - Teachers click on the Fitt-in link whenever they wish to give their pupils a movement break.  Teachers use the Fitt-in breaks in many ways: from wake up after registration, to get the pupils ready to learn, as a reward for good behaviour, during particularly long learning to help refocus the pupils, on rainy days, to help reinforce good movement habits etc

Q- What are the benefits of using Fitt-in?

A - Teachers can use Fitt-in whenever they chose.  Pupils love taking part in Fitt-in and the way it makes them feel.  Pupils tell us it makes them happy, wakes them up, helps them to be less fidgety in class etc

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